About us

We are a sports-oriented family (AldoGordanaAndrej and Allan). We are fans of the nature in all its forms: as everybody in this region, we are connected to the sea, so we spend most of the summer on our little boat, but we also love the mountains; as a matter of fact, all members of our family have been skiing since they were children, and we have spent many mornings and afternoons cycling and walking as a family. We love to be active in our free time, and doings sports in the nature is also an excellent way to bring the family together.

This mixture of our preferences is reflected in the location of Villa Marone, which was not chosen randomly. Dobreć is located on the slopes of Učka and boasts a view of the Adriatic; wherever you turn, the nature simply beckons you to spend time in it in any way.

If you recognize yourself in this description, you have come to the right place.

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