Visitors Centar Učka
23. February, 2021.

Učka, the highest mountain of the Istrian peninsula, the border between Istria and Liburnia, the “master of the weather”, a mythical and historical area. On 1st March, Učka is getting its multimedia space – Visitors Center Učka. This will be your ideal starting point before you embark on enjoying the pure nature of this area.


Everyone who knows us and who has had the opportunity to meet us knows that we are a sports family, lovers of nature in all its forms. What we can tell you is that you can spend your days in the Učka Nature Park without being able to visit all the interesting sites and find out everything that can be learned there. That’s why you should start your journey in Visitors Centar.

Our house is overlooked by the Učka mountain, greatly respected by the population of Kvarner and Liburnia. It is the highest mountain of the Istrian peninsula, which separates Istria from Liburnia; it is also the “master of the weather” because it is usually Učka that “decides” what the day will be like, whether it will rain or if we will see the sunset behind the mountain. Moreover, Učka is a mythical area inhabited by fairies and elves, settled by the first Slavs, with forests where you can smell the history even to this day.

At the beginning of March, the Visitors Center Učka will open its doors, which will be an ideal place to start exploring the nature of Učka and Ćićarija.

A multimedia space equipped with the latest technology where everything you need to know will be located before you embark on enjoying the pure nature of this beautiful area. From information about trails through the mountains, interesting sites through plants to the history of the area itself, the people who lived there and how they lived – all in one place.

Within the Center, there is a museum exhibition equipped with the latest technology in order to bring nature, history, and culture as close as possible to each visitor. The museum is designed to meet the expectations of even the youngest visitors.

More info will be available on the official site of Učka Nature Park.

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