It’s lunchtime.
3. May, 2017.

It’s lunchtime. One option is to cook your lunch yourself using some of the many fresh ingredients available on the Lovran market, but the other one is always easier – go down to a restaurant.

The Lovran area is home to a host of restaurants and taverns that served countless kilograms of fish and home-made Mediterranean delicacies and hosted hundreds of happy and full people (you can check this on one of the websites providing reviews, such as TripAdvisor). One such place is the little old “Marun” tavern in the heart of Lovran, which, in addition to typical Mediterranean (meaning, fish-based) dishes also serves various international dishes from the countries of our most frequent visitors and boasts an excellent selection of home-made pasta and desserts.

If you are in the mood for something authentic, visit the village of Kali overlooking the Medveja Cove, which houses the “Kali” tavern, memorable for its authentic local cuisine based on the flavours that were around at the time of our grandparents. It offers pasta served in centuries-old dishes, mariners’ ravioli in decadent shellfish and shrimp sauce, octopus baked under the bell with potatoes and olives or beefsteak with ravioli à la Mama.

Fans of “hoch” cuisine should definitely pay a visit to “Draga di Lovrana”, a hotel boasting an excellent restaurant and located on the very edge of a mountain ridge, in the Učka Nature Park.

“Draga di Lovrana” offers a menu made of delicacies such as cuttlefish with hummus, fennel and sea gel, foie gras with pear, pistachio and aceto pearls, monkfish with bacon, sautéed kale and celery purée or lamb shank with pea cream.

Does this text make you even more hungry? We won’t keep you, it’s lunchtime!

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